Swing or Hit? The hidden keys to power!

Key 1: Pick one of the two <Swing> or <Hit>

Let's start by helping you pick one... even though by now most people have selected one. Slow down turbo! If you need power and stability but you suffer from shots that pull left or slice, you should be HITTING the golf ball vs. swinging around your body. I bet you picked the other one right? Why do you think 95.76% (we made that number up but it's probable close) of golfers slice and aim way too far left? The masses are hitting the ball the same way with the same miss hits and trying to correct it with the same fixes. We do not blame you because almost all media and instructional outlets are telling you to turn and swing through the ball. This is correct if you know exactly what that means but as golfers we perceive that 'technique' incorrectly because we keep it too simple!

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Don' Turn Through

Golfer's Thought Process: In order to swing connected I must swing the club head, the grip, the shoulders, and the hips (golf rap coming soon) all together at the same times. Right? WRONG!

Hear us out...

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